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Mission One

NSP’s first task is to test the viability of yeast in space. This volatile organism, the living ingredient from which beer is born, requires precise conditions to thrive. Will 16 strains of brewer’s yeast survive Mission One, in which they are jettisoned outside Earth's atmosphere on a rocket? Once we know, NSP will be one step closer to the ultimate space.

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Science Friday: Dana and Dana on NSP

We are all bound to have a lot of questions as Ninkasi Space Program prepares to jettison live yeast into space, retrieve it, and then utilize it in brewing a quality beer. Here to help are Dana and Dana, two integral engineers in NSP’s first mission.

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Beer Legend Don Younger

We are pleased to say that Portland beer legend Don Younger's ashes will be launched into space along with our yeast.

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Ninkasi Space Beer

Once the yeast from NSP Mission One is recovered and proved viable, Ninkasi’s team of brewers will get to work creating the ultimate beer from the very yeast that traveled outside Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps our most special release yet, can space beer possibly be more delicious than beer on Earth?

Science of space yeast

Ninkasi believes two things are meant to be shared in order to Perpetuate Better Living: beer and knowledge. Learn more about the process of preparing brewer’s yeast for launch from NSP resident scientist, Dana.

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CSXT Collaboration

Since 1995, CSXT has been launching rockets into the skies. In celebration of CSXT’s 2004 record breaking launch, a new collaboration of CSXT and Ninkasi will inform our brewers of yeast’s viability in space. This launch will once again prove the limitless capabilities of the human spirit, while celebrating the 10 year anniversary of that first historic launch.

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