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Neal Williams

Inspired by the excitement of space and enjoyment of beer, the artwork for each Ground Control beer was created in a partnership between Ninkasi's in-house art department and the brewery's Artist in Residence, gig poster artist and illustrator Neal Williams. 

Neal Williams is a Eugene-based illustrator and screenprinter working primarily in limited edition prints and concert posters. After spending his twenties working around music; from record store jobs to freelance music composition, Neal felt the urge to explore the visual side of music. He quickly fell in love with the gigposter scene and decided to try his hand designing flyers for his and other local bands while living in Atlanta, GA. Soon he entered the broader world of design and illustration as he developed his heavily-detailed pen-and-ink style. Today he draws mostly with pen on paper and pulls most of his screenprints by hand.

In 2015, Neal joined Ninkasi as its first Artist in Residence, working hand-in-hand with the brewery’s in-house art department to create art-forward projects including beer labels, ad campaigns, truck wraps, and more. Neal’s client list includes Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Matthews Band, Interpol, The Head & The Heart, Andrew Bird, Soundgarden, Dinosaur Jr., Low, Russian Circles, Neurosis, and others.


Gallery: Neal's Screenprinting Process

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Written by Marv Ellis and WE Tribe and recorded at Ninkasi Studios, Ground Control is named after our first beer brewed with an ale yeast that traveled to space and back.

Historical space sounds provided by the NASA SoundCloud Library