Intricacies of traveling faster than the speed of sound Sealing the payload container Nikos and Chip celebrate a perfect launch Kim and the beauty of the desolate scenery

Team Hybriddyne

Special thanks to team Hybriddyne for helping facilitate Mission One and designing the container that would help protect our brewers yeast from the harsh elements of space travel.


Jeff Jakob - Team Hybriddyne Leader.

Fabricated launch tower/trailer and was on-site launch tower director.


Chip Dryden - Project Coordinator

Facilitated project between Ninaksi Brewing and rocketeers. On-site project coordination


Kim Cook - Chief Design Specialist.

Designed the yeast container for Space Shot One and Two. Designed the trailer and tower assembly. Developed the CO2 cooling technology for protection of the yeast while in the rocket.


Rick Maschek - Recovery and Communications Specialist. 

Assisted Jeff Jakob in construction and assembly of the launch tower/trailer.


Bruce Murdoc - Chief Electronics Specialist. 

Designed the electronics interface on the launch tower/trailer. Calculated tower/trailer shear points and design elements.